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Taylor Woodrow has been appointed by Enfield Council to deliver the Strategic Infrastructure Works. They are constructing new roads, four bridges, footpaths, cycle links, transportimprovements, and two new parks: all for the benefit of the local Edmonton community


New streets, roads and bridges...

Four new bridges and attractive streets will connect all the banks in Meridian Water which is currently separated by the River Lee, Pymmes, and Salmon Brooks. The works include deidcated pedestrian-only bridges as well as a central spine road with various new branch roads. This will provide new bus routes through Meridian Water, and all for smooth travel for walking, cycling and driving.


Groundworks and sustainable drainage

Remediation, new utilty networks and ground preparation will allow for the future building of thousands of new homes. Groundworks will also include the creation of rain gardens. The re-routing and naturalisation of the rivers that run through Meridian Water will help to alleviate heavy rain spells and protect neighbouring properties.



For more information and to keep up to date with Enfield Council's plans for Meridian Water please scan the QR code or follow this link:

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